“An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production.” Robin Sharma

This is me.

Always looking for a distraction.

I wonder where I would be if I wasn’t distracted by my phone. Distracted by notifications. Distracted by non-sense.

I want to dedicate time to focusing and meditating, but don’t really know what that means.

In the past, that has meant so many different things, but now, I just don’t know. I work in social and am always there hopping from platform to platform. It’s fun for me.

Where’s the Problem?

I’m never focused on the big stuff.

Imagine that I’m a hunter in the old days trying to feed my family. Imagine my strategy is to swing at gnats, insects, and mosquitos for their meat to feed my family.

That is what is happening with notifications and social media.

Instead of looking for that fat gazelle, I’m wasting my time on everything that doesn’t matter.

On top of that, it takes forever to get those insects. They are illusive and I waste all my time.

What Needs to be Done

I need to put the phone down and notifications off when I’m working on important matters.

When I’m doing the real work.





There is time for notifications, but not the amount of time I spend mindlessly on apps designed to keep me distracted.

That’s it. It’s simple, but difficult.

Everything is stacked against you, but I know we can do it. Too many people are counting on us to succeed.



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Traven Page

Husband and father. Guitar, fitness, and overall life is what I care about. Hell bent on the exploration of what I can do with the remainder of my life.